Best MasterCard Poker Sites

Mastercard Poker SitesMastercard is one of the most popular payment methods that exist today. It is available in more than 210 countries worldwide and is used every day for both land-based and online payments. It is no wonder that the number of poker sites accepting Mastercard is huge – almost all of them do! So, if you are looking for a payment method that would allow you to easily switch between different poker sites, Mastercard is the way to go.

To give you an idea of how widely used Mastercard is, you should know that around 160 million transactions are made with Mastercard every hour. This is a testimony to all the benefits that it has for users worldwide. Some of the biggest benefits that you should be aware of are:

  • Convenience. Mastercard is very easy and fast to use because it does not require any login or set up procedure. Just punch in the numbers and off you go.
  • Security. One of the reasons why Mastercard is so wildly popular is that of security. It offers high levels of protection against fraud and theft.
  • Cashbacks. Mastercard gives you what not many other payment methods do – you can earn while spending. This applies to poker sites as well, so you will earn money twofold while playing.
  • Lack of privacy. You need to share you private and financial information when you apply for a Mastercard account.

Three Types of MasterCard

If you are planning to get a Mastercard and start using it for your poker site payment, you should know about the three types of cards you can choose from. These are credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

Mastercard Credit Card

This is just a regular credit card that can be found in all parts of the world. If you are thinking about getting a credit card, you should know that you can choose between the Standard, Gold, and the World Elite option. Even though the second two have some great benefits, the Standard Mastercard will be good enough to make simple poker site payments. It comes with an extended warranty, ID theft protection, and zero liability protection.

Mastercard Debit Card

This is another very popular option with poker players worldwide because it allows you to be in full control of your finances. It is as widely accepted as the Mastercard credit card but it does not allow you to go into debt. You can only spend the money that is available on your account at the moment.

Mastercard Prepaid Card

The prepaid card functions largely like a Mastercard debit card and gives you even more control over your spending. You need to buy a card from the bank or certain online stores and you can either use it only once or reload it several times.

How to Get a Mastercard

Even though Mastercard offers very fast payments, opening an account takes a little bit more time. This is because you cannot always finish the whole process online but sometimes you have to visit a bank institution.

First of all, you need to determine which of the banks in your country support and issue Mastercard. After that, you will have to go through lots of paperwork, fill in lots of personal details, and the card should be available for use in two weeks.

If you decide to have your card sent to your home, instead of picking it up, for security reasons it will be sent separately from your PIN code. In order to better keep track of your spending on and off poker sites, you can use online banking features.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals on Mastercard Poker Sites

Depositing money to your poker site account using Mastercard is not at all complicated. We’ll explain it below in several simple steps that you can easily follow.

  • First of all, choose a poker site from our list and create an account.
  • After signing up at a Mastercard poker site, find the deposit section of the website.
  • Here, you will be required to fill in your card information. You need to provide your Mastercard number and the 3-digit CVC number, located at the back side of the card.
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm it. Before confirming, check out if there are any welcome bonuses available and see if you can meet the requirements.
  • After that, you will have to wait for confirmation and then you will be able to use your funds.

In order to withdraw money to your Mastercard, you should follow the same procedure. Some poker sites do not allow withdrawing money to credit cards though. Some sites require players to first make at least one deposit with the card before they can withdraw money to it.

Minimum/Maximum Amounts and Processing Time

Another great thing about using Mastercard is that there are no limitations on the amount of money you can deposit or withdraw. The minimum and maximum amounts are determined by the poker sites themselves. The minimum amount for both withdrawals and deposits usually varies between $5 and $20, while the maximum amount can be as high as $20,000 sometimes.

When it comes to processing times, when you deposit money to your Mastercard poker site, it will be available to you almost immediately. This is one of the biggest advantages of Mastercard. However, when you withdraw money on those rare poker sites that allow it, you will have to wait between 3 and 5 business days in order for your transaction to be processed and for your money to be available in your account.

Mastercard Poker Sites Transaction Fees

Unfortunately, Mastercard does not only have advantages but some disadvantages as well. That said, its benefits do not come for free. First of all, you will probably have to pay a certain amount of money monthly as a maintenance fee.

Depending on the country you live in and the bank that issued your Mastercard to you, you will have to pay some fees when you make deposits and withdrawals as well. When you withdraw cash from an ATM and when you make payments abroad, you will also have to pay fees.

Moreover, depending on the poker site that you play on, you might have to pay additional fees when making deposits and withdrawals. All of these fees are a couple of dollars at the most. However, it is a disadvantage since there are many payment methods available that offer their services completely free of charge.

The Downsides of Mastercard Poker Sites

Transaction fees are not the only downside of using Mastercard on your favorite poker websites. Another one is specific for US Mastercard players who are not allowed to perform gambling related-transactions because of the outdated Wire Act. [1] There are some poker sites that do their magic and work around this issue, so you should ask in advance before you sign up if you will be able to use your Mastercard.

Moreover, there is an apparent lack of confidentiality when using Mastercard payments. All your poker site payments will be recorded on your statement by your bank, which is something that many people do not really like. Since Mastercard transactions will leave a trail, if you want to have more anonymity, you should choose a more anonymous payment method like Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with a Mastercard?
Can I use any type of Mastercard for payments on poker websites?
Is it safe to play on poker sites using Mastercard?
Are there any transaction fees that I need to be aware of?
Am I eligible for a welcome bonus with a Mastercard?
In which countries can I use Mastercard?

How to get started with a Mastercard?

Before you can play on poker sites with Mastercard, you first need to open an account in a bank or a financial institution in your country that issues Mastercard. After that, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks for your card to arrive and then you can start making deposits and withdrawals online.

Can I use any type of Mastercard for payments on poker websites?

Yes, you can use either debit, credit, or prepaid cards to make poker site payments. It is completely up to you which one you will choose. If you have a hard time controlling your expenses, it is better to go for either a debit or a prepaid Mastercard.

Is it safe to play on poker sites using Mastercard?

Yes, you are safe when you’re using Mastercard. Both poker sites and your Mastercard issuer have very high-security standards and protocols. Therefore, both your identity and your money will be completely safe.

Are there any transaction fees that I need to be aware of?

Yes, transaction fees apply when using Mastercard. However, you are more likely to have to pay a transaction fee when you’re using a Mastercard credit card. If you want to avoid fees, it is better to go for a debit or a prepaid card.

Am I eligible for a welcome bonus with a Mastercard?

Yes, you will definitely receive a welcome bonus when you deposit money to your favorite poker site using Mastercard. There aren’t any Mastercard-specific welcome bonuses, but you are eligible for all standard ones.

In which countries can I use Mastercard?

Mastercard is available in most countries in the world. At the moment, it is possible to make payments online and in brick-and-mortar facilities in around 210 countries.