GreySnow Poker Adds Rainer Kempe as Ambassador

Grey Snow Poker

GreySnow Poker has been operational for eight months now and the arrival of Rainer Kempe as a brand ambassador indicates the company’s commitment to growth.

GreySnow Poker Moves from a Novelty to Established Brand

GreySnow Poker is past its existential problems and the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma are now focusing on building their brand and turning it into a force to be reckoned with. The transition from a concept to a real-world, functioning poker portal began in 2015 when the tribe decided to really give online poker a go.

With the landscape at home being a really tough nut to crack, the Iowa Tribe decided to be recognized as a global brand rather than a U.S. facing poker site. They obtained a license from Isle of Man and pushed ahead with GreySnow Poker.

This is not the whole story, though, because, while GreySnow Poker was born as an idea in 2015 it took until November 2018 to actually set the wheels spinning and launch the portal. Myriad little obstacles kept cropping up much to the displeasure оf the the tribe.

First, Oklahoma decided that GreySnow Poker is an attempt to contest the UIEGA decision in 2006 which effectively suspended online poker in the US. GreySnow wasn’t really “Grey” at the time either.

Instead, the portal was called “”, aptly named after the creators, but for better or for worse, the concept was barraged by lawmakers, lack of will to see the project though and the legal restrictions.

Yet, GreySnow finally managed to pull its weight and established a model that worked. Catering to a global audience is now part of the website’s identity, and this is where Rainer Kempe comes in as a brand ambassador.

Rainer Kemper Helps Bolster the Brand’s Identity

Most poker rooms that aren’t PokerStars or partypoker don’t really get to work with their own ambassadors. In the case of GreySnow Poker, the company wants to be a legitimate card room, which will continue to grow exponentially and even make a splash in the United States where poker laws are testy to say the least.

Kempe is a good fit, too. The young player has $20 million to his name as a poker professional and he doesn’t seem to relent. In 2019 alone, he has won nearly $3 million, with his most recent victory at the Monte Carlo PokerStars EUR25,000 Buy-In event.

Thanks to his taste for high-rolling, Kempe has been quick to make a name for himself and by being more than a mere blip on the poker radars, GreySnow’s owners have managed to add a valuable and most importantly, credible face to their windows front. Here is what GreySnow’s official statement on the website read, commenting on the latest acquisition:

This brings the most promising tournament player in the world right now together with the promise of GreySnow Poker’s player-first philosophy and the Iowa Tribe’s commitment to outstanding community impact and generous rewards. Having Rainer Kempe on our team will be key for GreySnow Poker; not only in broadening our exposure through his high profile tournament exploits but also in cementing our connection with the inner circle of the poker playing community. Rainer will be a key asset in our poker-related decision making – we couldn’t imagine a better partner for our company. We’re ecstatic to see the reign of Rainer at GreySnow Poker begin.

So far, the portal has done nothing to tarnish its reputation and Kempe’s decision to associate his name with an offshore gaming property speaks volumes about the credibility of the card room. No other card room that is not located in one of the main poker jurisdictions has managed to gain the trust of the pros, but GreySnow hasn’t baulked in the face of a challenge.

Can Offshore Poker Rooms Be Legitimate?

In the full sense of the word, GreySnow is a legitimate operator. The card room is licensed in Isle of Man which is where another U.S.-facing website, Unikrn, has decided to license itself, facing tough state laws at home.

Unikrn, though, is a platform that focuses on providing odds about electronic sports competitions. GreySnow, on the other hand, is a legitimate poker licensee of the jurisdiction. To gain even more legitimacy, the brand would need to be known not only to U.S. players, but well overseas.

At this moment people that visit GreySnow Poker from the United States will receive a message that “US Residents are not permitted to play real money at this time.”

Kempe is German and a prominent face on the European Poker Scene which would pique some interest when he begins appearing at events sporting the GreySnow’s logo. To succeed, though, the People of the Grey Snow will have to make sure that they play their cards smartly and overcome any integrity and technological difficulties that may come their way.

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