Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s Grey Snow Poker Goes Live

Grey Snow Poker

Tribal betting and gaming agencies in the US have been among the sterner opponents of new legislation. They are going global now with Grey Snow Poker.

Native American gaming operations have had a distinct advantage over the competition, enjoying varying tax breaks and benefits paid to them in deference of the fact that their ancestors had owned the land.

With this in mind, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma has announced its own rake-free online poker brand, GreySnowPoker, which will focus on obtaining a license and then expand its offer to an international crowd.

This is going to be the first Native American website that will actually attempt to appeal to a regional and overseas crowd, should it successfully obtain a mulled Isle of Man gaming licence. The company will be headed by former Amaya executive George McIntosh who is stepping in as managing director.

Mr. McIntosh brings a lot of experience  from his time at Amaya, having helped with the launch of flagship products of many established poker brands, including PokerStars when the company first expanded to the Portuguese market, earlier in May 2018.

Grey Snow Poker will introduce a slightly different system from the normal rake poker players are accustomed to, instead using the so-called FairPlay solution, which resembles a sports betting house edge, with 3% of your money paid as a fee to the casino once you leave a table.

On the other hand, the FairPlay fee will be fixed, meaning players may continue to play on unconstrained by time or hand limits. With the threat of rake eliminated, players will be able to play a little more composedly without racing against a clock.

We hope to shake up the online poker scene by changing the playing experience for the better. – GreySnowPoker Managing Director George McIntosh

Mr. McIntosh continued to outline a new platform that will change up the poker experience for all users that participate on the platform, making for a more accomplished and user-centered gameplay.

We think that this, coupled with random seating, will make the playing environment more fun, more thrilling and a more level playing-field than other sites.

Diving into the etymology of the name, it derives from the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma which stands for Bah Koh-Je, which is translated People of the Grey Snow. Presently, the property runs four land-based casinos across Oklahoma and the online gaming efforts will be the latest focal point of its efforts.

The entire organization seemed excited at the opportunity, including Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Chairman Bobby Walkup who shared his enthusiasm about bringing the tribe’s expertise online and to a broader-than-ever audience.

We are thrilled to have launched a great new poker site that focuses on fairness. It’s time for a new type of poker room to come along, made by poker lovers, and recognizing what’s best for poker. – Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Bobby Walkup

In order to completely reinvent the experience, the entire online facilities will focus on providing players with accessible entry fees, which will not only apply to individual tables, but to tournaments as well.

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