PartyPoker removes full ring and casual tables

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Partypoker continues to introduce changes to its structures in an attempt to improve liquidity. It’s full ring and casual tables that have been removed.

The PartyPoker forum has been buzzing with rumors since November 1. Now, these rumors have been fleshed out and substantiated with an official confirmation by the platform’s reps. The resulting changes affect the No Limit Hold’em full ring cash games and tables, which have been scrapped. Hold’em, FL, PL games, though still remain unaffected, but more changes are likely to come.

Another alternation was the so-called Casual Cash Game Tables, which were intended to create a more accommodating environment whereby players wouldn’t need to worry about running into players who play on multiple tables and exceed a certain skill level, thus ruining the experience for everyone.

PartyPoker seemed to be focused on the opinions of its customers. Sifting through the official statements of representatives answering customers who could no longer find the cash games, the care agents confirmed that any concern would be passed along the higher management.

While there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the games, a yet more interesting point has proven to be the changes to the terms & conditions (TOC), which de facto affect the satellite events.

With users addressing the website openly over the 2+2 forums, a customer representative by the name of Colette answered a question about the changing nature of satellite events. PartyPoker will effectively try to run bigger and better satellite events.

Colette explained that by introducing the changes, no satellite event will finish prematurely or at reaching the late registration stage, as the guaranteed seats will reflect the actual number of participants, she concluded.

A Canadian user then addressed the representative, asking her directly what would happen in the event of a guaranteed event reaching late registration with only 10 players left at the table. Colette then went on to explain that if a tournament concludes prior to the late registration, then the entire competition is wrapped up and only the money collected via buy-backs would be returned in the form of rewards.

She responsed:

We made a change to our guaranteed prize logic where satellite tournaments are concerned. As a result, tournaments offering a number of guaranteed tickets will not honour the guaranteed number of tickets until the tournament reaches the specified level, which is defined by the next level after late registration closes.

If a tournament completes before late registration closes, only monies collected from player buy-ins will be distributed in prizes, either in the form of tickets, or a combination of tickets and cash

With no significant remonstrance coming in against the satellite policy changes, a user pitched in to share his opinions about the removal of the Full Ring tables. Going by the name of Zuko, they explained that the criticism was exaggerated and every card room had one goal uppermost – keeping its facilities running around the clock.

Zuko also explained that by consolidating the offer, the traffic could hopefully improve every time of the day, which could bring even more players in the long term.

The changes have passed and while the game disappearances won’t cause much buzz moving forward, the alternation of the satellite tournament formats will be a developing topic, we suspect.

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