PartyPoker Takes Customers for a $1 Million SPIN

$1 Million Spins

PartyPoker continues to develop. After introducing the three-handed Sit & Go’s known as SPINS, now they topp it off with a $1m, $5 buy-in tournament.

The SPINS concept is simple. Win more, but spend less time playing. Bet less, but earn a million dollars. These three-handed Sit & Go contests are almost makeshift, somewhat random and can be very profitable. By the time the first card is dealt, the prize pool is announced.

It varies in a good way, too. A random multiplier can increase the amount of the total prize pool by 2 up to 240,000 times. The prize pool can potentially hit $1.2 million. PartyPoker is even reminding players that they can come across the occasional SPIN during LIVE events and tournament festivals.

PartyPoker’s Sam Trickett has shared the developers’ excitement about this new format:

SPINS are quick, fun and easy to play – giving players of all levels the chance to turn a small buy-in into a life-changing amount of money.

Be a Millionaire: Once Every Million Games

With the prize pools going all the way up to $1.2 million, PartyPoker is allocating $1 million for the player who manages to outplay his opponents, with second and third places grabbing $100,000 each.

Of course, you can’t be quite certain when a seven-figure game would in fact appear. The odds are slim, with the 240,000x multiplier hitting once every 1 million games. This is quite the tall order to pull off.

Things get a little better when it comes down to the second most-probable game, the $6,000 competition that comes with a 1,200x multiplier. Here, there are 6 instances per 1 million games.

The third most common type is the 120x multiplier for a total of $600, with 75 games every 1 million games. This is the last game where all three players are rewarded.

Jading a SPIN on Its Own

PartyPoker haven’t revealed any information about whether the Spin & Go’s have been getting any additional love. Freshly released, the format does hold a certain amount of fascination over existing, and even new customers looking to play with a reputed cardroom.

This time, though, PartyPoker has adjusted the amounts it intends to pay out by not going well over its purchasing power. In November, 2018, the company held an ambitious Bahamas event which caused it a dear overlay of $900,000.

It was a mild financial setback that PartyPoker certainly would want to avoid in future. But the temporary hiccup hasn’t stopped the company from working its magic. These three-handed Spin & Go’s promising seven figures come shortly after the company introduced a new VIP program for high rollers on Monday.

If a high roller manages to amass $200,000 in rake contributions within 12 months will be promoted to the Diamond Club level, where he will benefit from 60% cashbacks.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on hitting the SPINS, remember that you are far more likely to be playing for double your money, with $10 as the prize pool (entirely for yourself should you win). Still, the lingering possibility of a seven-figure first place is definitely tempting.

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