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Bovada PokerBovada is one of the bastions of modern poker. When US poker was in shambles, the operator stood tall and was the rock in which the waves of regulations crashed. Today, the website has completely reinvented itself, appealing to an international crowd, boasting stellar security, a brand-new downloadable client, a string of excellent promotions, and much, much more. At a glance, Bovada is more than meets the eye:

  • Iron-clad security making it the safest card room to play at
  • Thousands of people available in online play
  • $3.5 million guaranteed in one-off tournaments
  • Regular $100,000 events
  • Day-specific events
  • Secure banking options

The company has come a long way. They have completely reinvented their look creating an intutive platform that works from any device. Compatible with Mac, Windows and mobile devices, the website is an absolute delight to play on. Now that we have been introduced to the general offer, let’s focus on the specifics in our in depth Bovada Poker review. There’s so much to talk about, so we better not waste time.

Being Lucky with Promotions at Bovada

Bovada doesn’t make a big display of promotions. They are there, but they apply for aspects of the gaming experience that are not necessarily related to poker. Nevertheless, rest assured that Bovada does well by you and you will be on the receiving end of a 100% poker bonus on your first deposit up to $500, which is quite a bit to get you started at the felt.

Bovada Promotions

The bonus is quite simple to obtain, too. All you need is to join the website and make an eligible bonus. In order to play, you will need to download Bovada Poker and install it, or grab your phone and plunge into the game.

Keep in mind that you will have 30 days to clear the bonus. You will be credited the bonus upon reaching a certain level, which is calculated in points. You can quickly use the table we’ve posted here as reference.

Depending on the type of game you are participating in, you will be eligible for points in two distinct ways. If you play a regular game, you will earn points when you invest into a “raked pot”, as per the chart here:

Bovada Poker Rake

For tournament games, things are slightly different. You will obtain 3 points for every $1 you spend on covering tournament fees.  It is really that simple, so it won’t take you long to figure out what the best games and tournaments for you are to join.

If you don’t have too much time on your hands, do remember to benefit from this welcome bonus, but to the point where you can realistically cover the conditions for a maximum return.

The Bonus Code – Not Really En Vogue

The bonus codes at Bovada are not popular for their poker client. They may still apply for some of the promotions available in the other facilities of the website, such as the sports book and casino, but it may be some time before you come across the need to punch one in. I would say, with Bovada Poker bonus codes are very rare, only use the ones provider by this company itself, as other ones from affiliate sites are probably not going to give you anything extra. Nevertheless, rest assured that we will always keep you posted about the latest poker promotions that emerge here.

Clearing the Bonus

Clearing the bonus is not always easy, but thankfully there is a way. Zone Poker seems to be quickest way to clear the bonus at Bovada. The relatively low stake games ($0.25/$0.50) can fetch you up to 15-20 poker points per table within the hour.

Zone Poker Lobby

Zone Poker – the Best Way to Clear Your Bonus

Keep in mind that you need to actually have the associated skills and understanding of the Zone Poker game to be able to beat your opponents at a decent rate. If you can master the entry-levels, though, you will have no trouble clearing the bonus a dozen or so points per table per hour.

Depending on your skill level his may take you a while. It can be reduced by a few days by doing some serious gaming. In any event, the low entry level is quite accommodating, so don’t worry about any unexpected developments.

Bovada’s Excellent Games and Tournaments

Bovada comes with quite the solid offer when it comes to its game variations. At this moment you can choose between the already mentioned Zone Poker, Sit & Go Tournaments and Jackpot Sit & Go’s. Besides from that you will find the usual poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo.

Bovada Poker's Game Variations

The Game Variations at Bovada Poker

As you can see in the screenshot above, tinkering with the filters is quick and easy. If you are interested only in a specific type of game, you can quickly make sure that you only see the tables you would like to play at.

Beyond Zone poker, we definitely enjoy two exclusive features, the Quick Seat and the Anonymous Tables. Though these definitely weren’t accepted well back in 2011 when the website first introduced them, nowadays they have come to be held in high esteem by the poker community.

Now that Bovada’s reputation about their anonymous table has been proven, gamers appreciate the ability to play without being followed or tracked on purpose, or, for example, be “grieved”, a term that is used to describe aggressive behavior against a player.

As to the specific types of play, we definitely recommend trying to qualify for the Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO) with a total prize pool of $3.5 million.

Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO)

Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO)

If you feel in a competitive mood on a Monday, you can rely on the so-called Mad Monday tournaments which will be a quick gateway to an immense competition. Every now and then, the competition will change and the prize pool will most likely grow. By now the website has a solid player base, which allows it to scoop up any money raked from fees and pour them back into maintenance and even better tournament opportunities.

A Client Worth Downloading

If you are looking for an exceptional poker client, Bovada is it. You will be quite pleased to know that the software run spotlessly on both your Mac and Windows-powered computers and devices. There is no stopping one of the world’s most popular online poker sites when it comes to compatibility.

Bovada Poker Download

Bovada Poker Download, PC Version: the Tournament Lobby

The interface is delightful and it makes no difference which OS you have. The visuals are intutive and easy to navigate. Most importantly, it doesn’t lack a single thing. You can customize everything you feel uncomfortable with via the “Settings” button, or you can jump straight to bonuses and see what treats Bovada has prepared for you.

Bovada Poker Account

If you ever need to find all your bonuses in one place, there is a separate built-in bonus feature to allow you and enjoy yourself a quick bonus offer. Again, the poker section doesn’t rely on bonuses so much, so don’t be concerned if promotions are less common.

What you should be interested in are the tournaments, there are plenty to keep you busy. You will notice that there are four languages to choose from when it comes to the user interface and you can get hold of the customer support agents via e-mail.

If you are interested in obtaining an account overview, this is also quite easy by jumping to the “My Account” tab.

Mobile Poker – All Systems Go in Bovada

While many poker websites would not have the technical insight to create a reliable online poker solution, Bovada has not struggled in the slightest. All of the offered facilities at Bovada are accessible with a portable device. Whether it’s your smartphone or slick tablet, you have a quick access to the website which will recognize your device and automatically adjust the layout for mobile play.

Bovada Poker Mobile

Play Bovada Poker on Your Mobile Phone

Nothing detracts from the experience. You can test it from any screen size, and Bovada will still offer you all of its options without having you go through unfamiliar symbols or features. There is really no difference between this and the desktop version and you will be quick to notice how responsive everything is.

Mobile-first solutions are extremely important in today’s market. If you are a gamer who is constantly on the go this means that you should find a reliable way to take you gaming experience with you without any hickups. Look no further, as Bovada will provide you with everything you have ever needed.

Bovada Has it All: Poker, Casino & Sportsbook

Touring the available gaming options will not disappoint. Bovada, like some others is a multi-purposed facility, allowing you to experience the gambling industry in its entirety. Are you a little jaded from playing poker? Then perhaps, it’s time to kick back and watch a football or basketball match. But while at it, would you mind putting down a wager and maybe even earn something extra?

Bovada Sportsbook

Screenshot of Bovada Sportsbook

The sports book is very pleasant to the eye as it offers you a lighter interface (nothing that tinkering with the settings of the client couldn’t fix, though), where you can read right through the odds. There are many competitions to pick from.

The Casino – Care to Go for a Spin?

Bovada’s casino is free to play and it comes with excellent gaming options. You will never even need to stake real money on the casino if you just want to wind down from poker, thanks to the practice mode. However, there are some great financial rewards to reap, so you might as well give it a fair consideration.

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino

The casino games can be directly played within the poker client, too, allowing you to have a quick recluse from the action at the tables. You can also access Bovada’s casino games directly, as the casino has an instant play option on their site.

Whatever you do, you will always have a healthy transaction, allowing you to be on top of your gaming forays in Bovada. If diversity is important, then Bovada has done an exceptional job of introducing to many, varied and worthwhile distractions.

Banking – Easy and Client-Friendly

Most online poker rooms love to send you back to their website to deposit or withdraw your money, but this can be done via the Bovada client just as easily. Speaking of banking, we ought to take a closer look at each method when it comes to funding your account or claiming the spoils.

Bovada Poker's Deposit Methods

Deposit Methods at Bovada Poker

Bovada has found it best to work with a select few number of operators. As a result, you won’t get dozens of available cash options, but the ones you have available to you will be every bit as useful and secure as you could have ever hoped for.

You can pick from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). As a rule of thumb, Amex usually does well, but it might fail to clear. Don’t worry, though, because your money will always be safe with any sort of online transaction through their secure payment operator.

The maximum deposit amounts are $1,500 for a card and $5,000 for Bitcoin respectively.

There are no fees that apply, although Bovada may need to charge you 5.9% of the sum in case of depositing with a credit card, which the operator might be willing to cover sometimes.

Withdrawing Quickly and Reliably

Withdrawing your funds from Bovada is quite easy to do. You can generally use a handful of ways to go about it, either by tapping into cryptocurrencies or using a check by courier. Familiarity with cryptocurrencies is necessary here, which may not be your favorite part, but it helps. The good part of using cryptocurrencies for your gambling transactions is that most of the times the poker rooms offer an extra bonus because of using Bitcoin. It’s cheaper for them than having to pay a percentage to a payment provider for instance for credit card payments.

Bovada Poker's Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal Methods at Bovada Poker

Bovada changes their payment methods sometimes. Let’s give you a snippet of what they have right now as available to us:

  • Bitcoin – $10/$9,500 (min/max) – 10-30 minutes
  • Check by Courier – $100/$3,000 (min/max) – 2-10 days payment frequency
  • BitcoinCash – Assigned after manually activating your account, coincides with Bitcoin. – 10-30 minutes

As you can see, withdrawing money from Bovada is not too much trouble. Given the challenges that some legal restrictions impose, Bovada has done exceptionally well in keeping its end of the deal.

Bovada Customer Support

The customer support is always here to help you quickly find your way around the casino. Bovada offers every way of communication. You can place a call, chat with a customer rep or simply drop them an e-mail. They all work well and professional and will lead to a solution to any problem you might have.

Here’s the Bovada contact info you need:

  • Reach Bovada by phone: 1-888-263-0000
  • By e-mail: Use the on-site format
  • Or through live chat: Visit “Contact Us”

We wholeheartedly recommend that you also visit the HELP section where you will find a comprehensive FAQ. We know that reading can be a bit of a pest, but if you give it a shot, there is a great chance you will find an answer to your query. And if you still want to dissipate any doubts, do make sure to contact Bovada support.

Safety & Security at Bovada

You needn’t worry about a thing with Bovada’s security offer. First off, they are SSL encrypted. They are quite capable of fending off anyone – be that a hacker or even a user who’s trying to play from a restricted jurisdiction. This also means that VPN will do you no good.

Bovada are supporters of safe and responsible gambling practices, as per their official policy.

Bovada Poker Site Review – Final Thoughts

Bovada stands out from the crowd in our book by virtue of their compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems alone. But there is much more that deserves a proper mention and examination. The website has completely reinvented itself to offer even more competitive poker opportunities. Drawing on its years of experience, Bovada has created a reliable gaming network that stands tall in the world today. The cards seem to favor you today, so why not give it a go?