Triton Series Jeju Teaser Revealed, Biggest Buy-in Ever

Triton Super High Roller Series 2019

Jeju will host the Triton Series in March, promising the biggest buy-in and possibly payout in the history of the game. But how big is big?

The Triton Series, originally held at Jeju, South Korea, are among the most recognized events in the world of poker. They reunite a fair bit of professionals from all countries with a solid poker player base and that’s not the best part about the Triton Series either.

This is a high-roller competition and as such you can expect substantial prizing money being laid down. As the popularity of the event has been growing in the past few years, so have the reward money increased.

With $5.26 million at stake during the most recent Jeju festival, Mikita Badziakouski, Sergio Aido, Jason Koon and many others have been quite happy to travel the distance and participate in one of the world’s most accomplished high-roller events.

Apparently, the Triton Series simply fail to be carried out without impressing those individuals with a soft spot for playing for the largest sums possible. The latest teaser for the upcoming March festival promises the “biggest buy-in” in the history of poker, and that certainly is something that has us intrigued.

The teaser introduces us to a promise to attract the world’s top rollers. Next year is very likely to be a good period for the competitive format as well and Triton is adding new events and stops, more than in any previous edition so far.

The festival will kick off at Jeju, one of the latest stops in 2018 that has been moved as the starting point in 2019. The Jeju pow-wow kicks off on March 2 and runs through March 9. The following stops will take place in May, July, September and November, but the hosts haven’t ruled out the possibility to introduce yet more stops.

Meanwhile, any poker fan will not be able to stop themselves from thinking about the possible buy-in, promised to be the world’s largest. A negligible sum upping the previous record worth €1 million would not really be worth mentioning.

The One Drop invitational featured €1 million buy-ins and it was most recently won by Justin Bonomo, another popular high-roller. So, would the Triton Series try to make headlines by doubling the amount? And how would the hosts be able to tell if there will be sufficient turnout to help them cover the money guarantee.

The tournament is marked by attracting a top player base and the setting is distinctly professional. The Triton Series have carved a name for themselves starting at the small South Korean island and now bringing in a truly global audience.

Only in 2019, the tournament series intend to take the show on the road and introduce it to multiple locations. Many players have participated in the final tables of the Triton Series, including Richard Yong, Sam Greenwood, Chan Wai Leong, and others.

Even though the events will appear in several distinct locations to be announced in 2019, the hosts feel confident that they will manage to attract a crop of local and international high-roller players.

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