WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Announced

WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

As far as poker tournaments go, the World Poker Tour (WPT) is one of the most significant. With quite a few iterations of its own and multiple events held across the whole wide world, the WPT is now heading for a new challenge in Morocco, although it’s definitely not the first iteration of the event down in sunny Marrakech.

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is returning again to Marrakech, Morocco to play out an event that promises decent proceedings for those who manage to top the field of entrants. The WPTDeepStack Marrakech pow-wow will start on September 22 and it will extend all the way up to September 30 when the Main Event will be wrapped up at the Casino de Marrakech.

With 26 events to entertain the contestants, the Main Event is certainly the one that will have the best pull. With the entry fee dropping four-fold from the inaugural season back in 2009, diving in with €1,200 would be a problem for high roller and budget players alike. The Main Event will be taking place towards the end from September 27 through September 30. But the hosting venue, Casino de Marrakech, offers some decent deals, too, including:

  • Pack 1 WPTDS Opener from 21st to 24th September – 3 nights + #01 WPTDS Opener
  • Pack 2 Supersides WPTDS – 6 nights to choose between the 22nd and 30th of September
  • Pack 3 Pro WPTDS – 7 nights from 24th September to 1st October
  • Pack 4 VIP WPTDS – from 25th September – 1st October – 6 nights

The events themselves are quite diverse, but the spotlight will be stolen by the NLHE type. There will be of course, a variety of games to experience and all more exciting than the previous one. In a word, you will be able to pick your poison, including but hardly limited to:

  • Turbo
  • Bounty
  • Eight-Max
  • Monster Stack
  • Chinese Poker Face

It’s hard not to feel tempted to nip down to Marrakech and participate in the gaming action yourselves! Delving into the specifics of the event, the Main will kick off with 30,00 chips on the table for each player with the levels raising from 40-minute in the first day and six minutes will be added on top of that during the second.  The final play will see players getting down to a 60-minute leg each.

Marrakech is no chance occurrence in itself! It’s been running for over nine years and that’s quite the proud tradition to point to. Still, the contestants who end up entering are not as many indeed, with only 416 making it in 2009 and this number being rather unchanged so far. Come what may, though, interest is unabating and it looks like the erstwhile €4,500 entry level is quite simply done and dusted.

Today, playing at the tournament has turned in a rather easy-to-accomplish task, because the entry-fees are much lower, but even then – don’t underestimate the top crop of competitors who come down to earn themselves a quick few rewards.

Money may not be much, but the Marrakech pow-wow truly means something across the poker community.

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